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Updated: Jan 3

Budgets are hopefully done and it's tradeshow season.  One of the all time best ways to save money for tradeshow giveaways is to order way in advance of your events.

• There will be time to order in a few samples to see/feel.  Make sure the picture of the promotional product you liked online is really that great in person.

• You get time to see multiple proofs stress free so you don't have to rush decisions. 

• You let your ad agency sleep peacefully. 

• You also get to ship ground, saving TONS of money that could go into more product rather then UPS or FedEx's pocket.

• You get to skip unnecessary rush charges that some manufacturers charge.

• Finally, you shine as a rock star to your boss. Or if you're the boss you can juggle everything else that's on your plate.  It's not easy being cheesy.

Right now the biggest annual promotional show is going on in Vegas.  12,000 attendees and over 1,200 manufacturers exhibiting.  While I have you, we can check out some new random promotional products for 2019 Swag.  When doing giveaways though, I try to keep it for the industry.  I mean people attending CES will appreciate receiving different Swag then people attending the International Food Show.  For now, I'll try to stay low priced, desirable items, high perceived value that won't break the bank.  Maybe will get a smile, the unexpected useful is always fun.

Custom Popsockets got an upgrade, loving the new diamond style.

Or maybe your brand shines with a more natural look.  Picture your logo etched in rosewood or bamboo.

Speaking of natural, we have natural poplar wood coasters

Remember how I said stay in your industry? Stay useful? Fun, get attention?  I love these for shipping companies/trucking companies. Custom coaster pallets.  You'd be right on that "Location Location Location"... the desk!

You know what else may be a good idea?  How about a pet giveaway with your logo?  I know it sounds crazy but people feel so bad when they have to travel and leave their pets.  I know it killed me when I had my boy Desi.  So, maybe a nice treat they can give their loved ones when they get back for some fun time?  If it compliments your logo or tagline - Like @nest for example?  This could work for them as a giveaway.  "Homey" "Family" "love"  Associate your brand with happy.  You're not on their desk but you're in their heart.

A simple dry erase magnetic memo clip can help people keep track of their lives, reminders that gets your brand seen over and over.  Inexpensive, useful and not a tote bag.  "Not that there is anything wrong with that"

Going to one of those notoriously crazy tradeshows with a deep nightlife /early mornings in Vegas?  I'm looking at you CES and PPAI!  We have old school cold compresses that could come in very handy.  Then use later at home mending sore muscles from workouts. You can even put a few goodies inside like aspirin or alka seltzer, mints.  We can brand those too.

For mobile tech giveaways which is unbelievably popular, we add cable management to the mix.  Don't you hate when you unplug your device and the cable falls.  "Get it later..."  Something like one of these could work out and keep you out front.

Pins are back and now with custom presentation cards, Flair for Flair

I'll be back soon with more reports on new swag for 2019 from the show but for now.  You can follow us on IG for daily ideas till next time...Brand on Friends

Updated: Jan 3

The holidays are right around the corner and it's time to start thinking of meaningful gifts to celebrate the people who make your company a success.  I put together some gift ideas for everyone on your list covering a variety of price points.  If you need more ideas to inspire, just reach out. You want to spoil your employees and your clients, here we go~

This mouse pad is multifunction.  It charges wireless compatible tech products but also has a USB port to charge non-wireless products.  Holds pens and acts as a mobile/table stand arriving individually gift boxed.

 This Bluetooth speaker is pretty sweet. Four color imprint on full front location, high def sound with a built in microphone, pairs up to 30 feet away and up to 6 hours of play time.

A corporate gift that is useful, eye catching and socially responsible - This new style bottle has it all. 5% of all sales is donated to the Dopper Foundation, which supports water and sanitation projects worldwide.

Those folks at Kikkerland always have the most fun with their ideas.  Succulents are very trendy right now, they're low maintenance and peaceful to look at.  This concrete planter and pen holder are so cute.  Adding the plant and leaving behind with your favorite gatekeeper for sure will open doors.

You really want to make someone smile?  Nothing beats a hot tubby with bath salts, essential oils, a glowing candle, high quality body butter for a totally zen corporate gift.

Maybe a little more oriented towards the male members of your tribe, a very cool holiday gift combination.  A debossed leather valet tray, leather carabiner keychain and a single pocket wallet in a custom wooden gift box.  Love this!

Check out the detail of the key chain

You can do a gift set or break it down and just give the valet, or the wallet or the leather key tag with your logo.

Oh yeah, a wireless foldable keyboard.  Slim, compact with Bluetooth 3.0 technology giving you that cable-free experience.  This Keyberry piece is compatible with 3 major operating systems.  iOS/Windows/Android.

For your executive multitasker, this padfolio keeps notes in place, holds your smart device in its built in cover stand.  Open the front cover to reveal two file pockets, two business card pockets and a tablet or mobile stand that lays flat when not in use.  The zippered pocket will hold all their essentials.

Last one for this Blog entry but more new ideas to come, promise.

This bag will complement any brand styling, comes in four different colors and has an easy snap flap. Ergonomic padded shoulder straps and looks cool as heck.

Brand on friends.....

  • Chris Piel

Updated: Jan 3

I feel like I’m breaking all the rules writing about cool cannabis giveaways but hey, it’s almost legal everywhere now. It’s getting so popular that they even gave out cannabis swag bags at the 2018 Oscars.

Let’s talk about elevating your cannabis brand with classic to cutting edge marijuana swag.

Custom card grinders, the new way to grind. A great business card for dispensary owners or smoke shop owners. Totally flat credit card sized grinder that is discreet and fits in your wallet. Next month is one of the leading cannabis conferences, bringing 25,000 professionals to Vegas. I think this would beat a tote bag as a giveaway.

Need something more substantial you say?  How about your logo printed on a quality tshirt then rolled like a big fat joint either with a branded paper band or better yet a customized drink insulator sleeve.  We can do this.

What could be cool if you have dispensaries, a display of T’s that are compressed like joints. Customize the T shirts with your logo, customize the band around the T’s and brand the display itself. Tourists in Denver would eat this up.

There are a number of CBD infused promotional products that we can brand too.  Like lip balm, mints and that cute little ball style customized CBD RLB lip balm.

There are multiple cannabis containers we can put companies logos on:

Even full size or miniature custom grinders made of metal, wood, plastic and more

There are some ideas that I think people may not think of that would be great giveaways too for the weed industry. I think logo socks would be ideal. A way for your clients to wear your brand discreetly, you know sometimes they can’t be seen by their company sporting a High Life T

A nice custom cannabis stash wooden box would be welcome

Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia and now Canada too, all legal to grow a business that can sell marijuana. Cannabis Branding is okay, it's not different for marijuana than any other business trying to promote itself. Cool logo, distinctive and accessible and useful giveaway.

I was surprised that we're able to brand this nice leatherette cannabis strain journal. Thinking about it though, considering the therapeutic uses for cannabis, it makes total sense. Document what is effective for your symptoms, keep track what works and what doesn’t in what situation. You’ll know what to stay away from, just flip back and reference whether you’ve tried it and how it made you feel at the time.

We’ve come along way from sneaking behind the high school, thanks for reading.

Brand on friends…….

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