Best Bets for Cannabis Swag

  • Feb 4, 2022

I feel like I’m breaking all the rules writing about cool cannabis giveaways but hey, it’s almost legal everywhere now. It’s getting so popular that they even gave out cannabis swag bags at the 2018 Oscars.

Let’s talk about elevating your cannabis brand with classic to cutting edge marijuana swag.


Custom card grinders, the new way to grind. A great business card for dispensary owners or smoke shop owners. Totally flat credit card sized grinder that is discreet and fits in your wallet. Next month is one of the leading cannabis conferences, bringing 25,000 professionals to Vegas. I think this would beat a tote bag as a giveaway.

Need something more substantial you say?  How about your logo printed on a quality tshirt then rolled like a big fat joint either with a branded paper band or better yet a customized drink insulator sleeve.  We can do this.

What could be cool if you have dispensaries, a display of T’s that are compressed like joints. Customize the T shirts with your logo, customize the band around the T’s and brand the display itself. Tourists in Denver would eat this up.


There are a number of CBD infused promotional products that we can brand too.  Like lip balm, mints and that cute little ball style customized CBD RLB lip balm.

There are multiple cannabis containers we can put companies logos on:

Even full size or miniature custom grinders made of metal, wood, plastic and more

There are some ideas that I think people may not think of that would be great giveaways too for the weed industry. I think logo socks would be ideal. A way for your clients to wear your brand discreetly, you know sometimes they can’t be seen by their company sporting a High Life T

A nice custom cannabis stash wooden box would be welcome

Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia and now Canada too, all legal to grow a business that can sell marijuana. Cannabis Branding is okay, it's not different for marijuana than any other business trying to promote itself. Cool logo, distinctive and accessible and useful giveaway.

I was surprised that we're able to brand this nice leatherette cannabis strain journal. Thinking about it though, considering the therapeutic uses for cannabis, it makes total sense. Document what is effective for your symptoms, keep track what works and what doesn’t in what situation. You’ll know what to stay away from, just flip back and reference whether you’ve tried it and how it made you feel at the time.

We’ve come along way from sneaking behind the high school, thanks for reading.

Brand on friends…….


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