Best Merch for Big Events

Merch is one of the most important things a business can bring to events and conferences. Attendees love free stuff, no matter what it is, and it is also a great way to make a lasting impression and give people a reason to remember your brand and ideas.

However, some merch does better than others. Here are six of the best promotional items for big events.

Best Merch for Big Events

1. Drawstring tote bags. A conference staple is the drawstring tote bag. This bag is great for printing your logo on and carrying all the other merch you have to offer, along with any important information about the conference.

2. Water bottles. Another conference staple is the reusable water bottle. This item can also be affixed with your company logo, and it is a conference favorite. It can be difficult to find a water fountain and bottled water can get expensive, so offering this to attend these can be a lifesaver.

3. Leather AirPods pouch. Most people have a pair of air pods, and this is a stylish accessory for them is a fun little bit of merch to make your attendees feel special. Not only that, but this leather AirPods pouch will keep your earbuds safe and secure with an attached carabiner.

4. Lanyard badge holder. A lanyard badge holder may not seem like the most exciting piece of merch. Still, it can be necessary for a huge conference, especially if the conference requires attendees to have identification.

5. Notebook and pen set. Conferences are all about learning new information, and because of that, a journal and pen set is always a great gift. A quality journal will get plenty of use, and each time the conference attendee pulls out the journal, they will see your business branding.

6. Insulated tumbler. Finally, an insulated tumbler can round out your merch bag. Unlike a water bottle, an insulated tumbler is perfect for coffee or tea. If the conference has long hours, an insulated tumbler will be much appreciated by those who need their coffee in the morning.

Merch is one of the best ways to promote your business, and these six items can help your business stay in the minds of your event attendees.

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