How to Build Company Culture as a Small Business

When it comes to the current job market, there are more opportunities for employment than there are people to fill the roles. This means that businesses have to be competitive with what they can offer potential employees. This is easy for big companies such as Google and Amazon, but it is more difficult for small businesses because they do not have the budget or HR team to offer huge benefits.

Even though small companies cannot offer luxury benefits, they can still provide a thriving work culture.

Here are a few ideas on how to build company culture as a small business:

1. Define your company’s culture and values. The first step to developing company culture is to define your company’s core values. You may need to ask yourself why your company does what it does, what does your company believe, and where you want to go with your company.

2. As a leader and business owner of your organization you must display your company's values with your behavior. Lead by example. What are your core values as a leader of your company? Respect and help are a couple of my core values. My employees see how I treat and consult my clients to get them the best possible experience and deal. As a leader, it makes me smile to see my employees doing the same with their clients. You will see your company culture develop if you lead by example. Identify your core values and execute them consistently.

3. Build your talent brand. The talent brand is what your employees think and feel about the place that they work. Building a talent brand means giving your employees an opportunity to connect with you. The beauty of having a small business is that for most of them, the organization is flat. This gives you the opportunity to build a cohesive team by establishing daily feedback and communication on projects. It’s a good idea to share something new that they can learn every day. This dynamic will help build your company's culture.

4. Show some employee appreciation. Finally, it’s a huge benefit when you show employee appreciation. Getting gifts for them is a great way to build company culture and make employees feel valued. Whether it’s for the holidays, performance reasons, or randomly throughout the year, this goes a long way in company growth and employee dedication. I always get a little something for my employees every time I am out of town. I want them to know that I think of them not only as employees but as people I value!

Once you have established the foundation of your company culture, it’s time to nurture it. You can nurture it by offering incentives and awards, such as an award for those employees who exemplify the core values. Company culture is more than social events, monogrammed water bottles, or an obscure quote in the lobby. Company culture is what draws employees to your business and keeps them there for a long time.

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