How to Impress a Client in the First Meeting

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to ensure that the first meeting with a new client goes well. The basics are obvious. You want to dress well, be on time, and make eye contact, but here are four other ways you can impress your new client.

How to impress your client in the first meeting

1. Come prepared. This seems like an obvious first tip, but there are many things to be mindful of before meeting your client. You want to know where you’re going, the names of the people you are meeting, and what materials you will be going over. You should have your business cards and, depending on the meeting, collateral to leave behind. Absolute Promotions can help you select the best collateral to impress your clients.

2. Give them some friendly advice. The business world is vicious, and offering someone free and useful advice can go a long way to building trust. Giving friendly advice also serves to position yourself as an expert, so the client will have a hard time choosing someone else for the work.

3. Discuss what they need. It’s important to make sure your client feels like you understand them, and discussing their needs is a great way to do this. Once your client has given you some information about what they’re looking for, you should delve deeper into the details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take notes.

4. Follow up with them. Finally, you should follow up with them a few days after the meeting. Many people elect to send an email or voice message, but a more personal way to thank your client for their time is by sending a letter through the mail. This letter can always contain a gift the client can utilize, such as a notebook or a business card holder.

Initial meetings with clients can be stressful because you only have one chance to make a good impression. That impression is not just about looking nice, having a strong handshake, and dressing well. A good impression also includes being prepared for the meeting, offering friendly industry-specific advice, discussing their needs, and following up with them when the meeting is over.

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