How to Welcome New Employees and Retain Existing Ones

When adding new employees to your team, it is a delicate balance between being available for new employees and maintaining the office atmosphere the existing employees have grown accustomed to. Welcoming a new employee starts well before the employee’s first day, and it sets the tone for the relationship between the new hire, the existing employees, and the employer.

How to welcome new employees and retain existing ones

1. Have a solid onboarding system. The first step to ensure that your new hire fits in with the rest of the team is to have a solid onboarding system. The onboarding system should include setting up the new hire’s computer, giving them access to important information, and going over their job expectations and the company culture.

2. Standardize performance goals and rewards. Employees feel best when they know that their work will be rewarded. Having standardized performance goals and standardized rewards, like pins and plaques, for those goals is a way to bring the whole team together and make a new hire feel a part of the group.

3. Offer career development opportunities. It’s no secret that many employees leave companies because they feel that there are no opportunities for growth. New employees and old employees need ways to develop their skills and grow, and this can be achieved through many ways, including workshops and seminars.

4. Promote company culture. Finally, promoting company culture is a way to keep the entire team connected. Company culture includes goals, morals, and simpler things like anniversary T-shirts, achievement pins, and quirky company inside jokes. All of these things can make new employees feel welcomed and keep existing employees invested in their work.

Adding a new employee to an existing team can be difficult because the team already has a balance, and a new employee can upset that. The best way to set your company up for success is to make sure both new and existing employees feel like part of the team.

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